Presidents of the United States

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First President Second President Third President Fourth President
George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison
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 1789-1797  1797-1801 1801-1809   1809-1817
Fifth President Sixth President Seventh President Eighth President
James Monroe John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren
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 1817-1825  1825-1829  1829-1837  1837-1841
Ninth President Tenth President Eleventh President Twelfth President
William Henry Harrison John Tyler James K. Polk Zachary Taylor
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1841   1841-1845    1845-1849 1849-1850  
Thirteenth President Fourteenth President Fifteenth President Sixteenth President
Millard Fillmore Franklin Pierce James Buchanan Abraham Lincoln
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 1850-1853 1853-1857   1857-1861   1861-1865  
Seventeenth President Eighteenth President Nineteenth President Twentieth President
Andrew Johnson Ulysses S. Grant Rutherford B Hayes James Garfield
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 1865-1869  1869-1877 1877-1881   1881  
Twenty-first President Twenty-second President Twenty-third President Twenty-fourth President
Chester A. Arthur Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison Grover Cleveland
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 1881-1885 1885-1889    1889-1893 1893-1897  
Twenty-fifth President Twenty-sixth President Twenty-seventh President Twenty-eighth President
William McKinley Theodore Roosevelt William Howward Taft Woodrow Wilson

1905 Oath of Office movie

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 1897-1901  1901-1909 1909-1913   1913-1921  
Twenty-ninth President Thirtieth President Thirty-first President Thirty-second President
Warren G, Harding  Calvin Coolidge  Herbert Hoover  Franklin D. Roosevelt
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 1921-1923 1923-1929   1929-1933  1933-1945 
Thirty-third President Thirty-fourth President Thirty-fifth President Thirty-sixth President
 Harry S. Truman Dwight D. Eisenhower John F. Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson
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 1945-1953  1953-1961  1961-1963  1963-1969
Thirty-seventh President Thirty-eighth President Thirty-ninth President Fortieth President
Richard M Nixon  Gerald R. Ford  Jimmy Carter  Ronald Reagan

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 1969-1974 1974-1977   1977-1981   1981-1989  
Forty-first President Forty-second President Forty-third President Forty-fourth President
 George Bush Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Hussein Obama
Welcoming Troops Aug 2010 Oath of Office Movie
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1989-1993 1993-2001 2001-2009 2009-Present




Pictures of groups of Presidents


Reagan, Nixon, Bob Hope, Bush and Ford



Reagn, Ford, Carter and Nixon



Ford, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon



Vice President-elect Lyndon Johnson,
Eleanor Roosevelt, President-elect John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope
Stuart Symington, 1960.





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